Buy A New Laptop Just For Renoise

Hello everybody, I actually use an Acer travelmate 4050 Centrino laptop ( 5 years old ) Win xp pro, run Fl Studio9 and Renoise on it, my ProTools won’t Run on it…

Just want to buy a new laptop for renoise,
maybe use my protools LE 7.4 for vocals rec with his Mbox2 mini…
If anyone go to the Mac, could you tel me if it’s really the best choice you made for the price please…
Windows make me crazy sometimes…



If Windows drives you nuts… well, that’s not really a laptop problem. More an OS thing.

Is a macbook the best value? No.

But it’s a good laptop, and OSX is generally hassle free. I have a macbook pro and I’m happy with it. No regrets from me.

Have to agree. Saving up the silly amount they ask for a macbook pro is well worth it just for the stability. OSX is the shizzle. However you will find that there are alot more free VST’s online for windows which is a bit annoying, but thats just a little thing, there still are many available for mac. Now that the new generation of macbooks have come out you may find you can get an older one for a bit less. The I’ve found with mac is that they last.

I have been using IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads for years and still do today for work.
These laptops have a tendency to last for quite a bit of years with care and maintenance.

I use a T60 on which I dual-boot Windows XP along with Fedora 12 (I run Renoise on Fedora). IMHO, it’s one of the better performing PC laptops and it’s one of the few out there that uses DDR3 memory (also used by Mac notebooks). It comes with discrete graphics (ATI Radeon 3650/256 MB - pretty decent) and it also does very well with DPC Latency Checker tests versus a lot of other high-end laptops out there.

More info on DPC Latency Checker here.

The T400/T500 series is the update to the T60/T61. I am actually planning to pick one up myself for personal/music use.

Check out the third model on this page.

(I’m avoiding the first model because it has integrated graphics, the second one because I’ve read that the Thinkpad wi-fi cards have performance issues and the fourth one because I don’t need Bluetooth.