Buy Renoise Digital Without Credit Card


A friend of mine whants to buy Renoise.
He has no creditcard, so paypal would be easy, but it seems there is only the pack to buy.

Is there a way to get renoise digital only? (I think i could remember that i just got an email with a link)



PS: can he just register and upgrade to full without purchasing, so that its digital only?

I believe there is only one purchase of Renoise (the download version) and I have just added it to my card and looked at the checkout screen and PayPal is there. What’s the problem?

It looked like the packing with CD cover and booklet etc…

Havent seen that:
Total VAT: 11.02 EUR

So its the tax? Thought that are the shipping charges.

I remind i bought it for about 50€ a year ago… now its 70?

regards t

PS: so its not way cheaper to register and then upgrade to full?

VAT = Tax.

Check at the top of the shopping page. It says Delivery : Digital. Not a physical product!

Upgrading has a 20% discount over buying a new licence. You will have VAT added to either.


The price of Renoise went up about 10 Euro a year or two ago.

If you are already registered then, yes, it is cheaper for an upgrade: Look here:

If you are buying a new copy, then you will need to pay full price. The Tax (e.g. VAT) is a European thing. Renoise has no control over this.


There is no physical boxed version of Renoise. There is only the digital/electronic version which registered users can download from our Backstage area after they have purchased the software.

Sorry if the image is misleading in some way. It’s only intended to look nice on the page :)

Yep. VAT = Value added tax. As Conner already mentioned, we have no control over this.

It’s not really accurate to say €50 vs €70.

The price for Renoise 2.1 was €49 EUR (roughly ~€58 total with VAT included).

When Renoise 2.5 was released in March 2010, the price increased to €58 EUR (roughly ~€69 total with VAT included). The move from 2.1 to 2.5 was a huge step that took over a year of development time. The price increased accordingly to reflect the amount of work that went into the software.

A lot of time and effort goes into Renoise. We of course try to keep things reasonably priced, but if we want to continue to grow and improve things in the future, then the price must occasionally increase so that we can stay in business.

There was a fairly large reduction during the last (and one before?) Beta stage too, so if he purchased during that time may of had an extra saving on usual cost. Or was that for upgrades only? I didn’t think it was…

Yes, this was a sale. Time limited and random. Not the regular price. Will not happen again anytime soon AFAIK.



The 30% discount was only available during the beta testing period for 2.7, and it only applied to new registrations, not upgrades (although existing users could still take advantage of the 20% discount on upgrades).

There was a similar 20% discount for new registrations way back when 2.0 was released.

I don’t believe there have been any other major discounts/sales, but I could simply be forgetting about them.

thank you!

i luv renoise