Buying serial number for Renoise 2.8.2 (in 2022)

If I buy the serial number for the full version of Renoise, will I still be able to use version 2.8.2, or would I have to upgrade to 3.4?

The reason why this would not work for me, is because I have an older mac, and only version 2.8.2 seems to work (I’ve tried installing newer versions, and it does not work) I’ve had the Demo for a bit now, and I really want to buy the full version. Just want to make sure that when I do buy it, I will be able to use it while still being able to use version 2.8.2.

Thanks in advance!

You can download and install the full 2.8.2 version (or almost any other version) if you buy Renoise.

Awesooooomeeeeee!! Thank you so much for this info :slight_smile: !

Please keep in mind, there is no “serial number” for Renoise…

So if someone is offering to sell you such a thing, please be careful.

When you buy Renoise (whether original or used) you gain access to the “Backstage” area where you directly download your own personal copy of the software.

There is no serial number – and therefore no way to unlock the demo version of the software – so please beware of anyone offering to sell a “full” copy of the software, unless it’s handled directly through Renoise staff and legitimate channels.

If you’re buying a legit copy via then you’re all good – you’ll have full access to all previous versions of the software :slight_smile:

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Good to know :slight_smile: Fortunately no one was offering me this deal. It’s just how I thought it worked since most daws work that way. Thats so awesome that I get access to all the previous versions of Renoise! I managed to get 3.2 to work, but, the download for the most recent version still comes up with errors when I try to unzip. But, oh well. 3.2 works great.