Buying used Renoise

Can someone point me to information about purchasing a used Renoise license? Guy willing to sell but doesn’t know legalities.

Pure speculation: There would have to be a way of de-activating his license key so that he couldn’t use it again after giving it to you.
On the other hand, I doubt the Renoise team would mind that much if 2 people shared a license key. Though the guy asking money for it is kind of lame. The Renoise team could only ever find out if a key was leaked publically, and have no way of knowing that it was installed on 2 machines by 2 users.

Sounds like too much trouble to me, why not spend the few extra dollars for the real thing? It’s so inexpensive.

@spacecult: License transfers are allowed. The seller and buyer should both contact us at support (at) renoise (dot) com to discuss the details.

We do mind, and your license will be revoked/banned if you get caught doing this.

That’s what I get for speculating.

It’s pretty cool that you guys support license transfers. I still can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to spend the extra money to support the developers.

Maybe that’s why we are confused. Anyway, more like a friendly giveaway/trade for some j-bass pickups and some stuff I didn’t use anyway and likewise for him? I didn’t want to say that outright, not that the value units matter. Fender parts are prob worth more than modern denominational cash<-jk, but if there is no license transfer mechanism, then nevermind, I guess?

Thanks for the reply!

And I don’t have the extra dollars, just have the extra stuff.

Cool! You posted while I was replying. Thank you for the clarification. We are on a ripping Renoise off guilt trip now, though.