Hi all, :)

Today I will introduce the “High Quality Natural Compressors bundle”.

BuzComp ver.1.0 Rev4

I’m not a salesman of BUZZROOM. ;)
But he seemed sometimes to see my personal site,
and have added my site to the link page of BUZZROOM (with showing the word “Renoise”! B) ).
Then I want to introduce his works in this forum.

He said that BuzComp are very natural compressors.
To tell the truth, my experience of mastering is shallow and I still don’t have real “Pro” ears.
But I think BuzComp are great, powerful and clear.
And I want people who have many tracking experiences to test these comps.

Moreover, he plans to release the another BuzComp in this month(maybe).
It is “BuzComp CL” series.
This Comp seems to make the sound “attractive”, in contrast with “natural”.

Since it is difficult to tell the feeling in my poor English, please test Demo version yourself.
Of course, impressions and requests are welcome.
I will tell him.


For as far as i could have tested it, it seems pretty good stuff.
Though the lineary (Free!) edition is not as bad either as long as you know which plug to take and which areas to mix, it isn’t dynamic though.
But i noticed the BuzMaxi3 wall-limiter (which is also free) is dynamic, but not really to my pleasance as it sometimes surpresses parts of the song where it should not surpress it unless it would do it unnotticable. But this could also be my bad way of mixing wouldn’t it be?

I’m just wondering what real mix- and mastering engineers think about these plugs…


Excuse me, vvoois,
What meaning is the word “surpress”?
I cannot translate. :o

Surpress in this case:Momentary pushing frequency-ranges to the background on unexpected but noticable moments.