Buzz like view of dsp effects/plugins and even sample modulations

I’ve seen old thread from 2011, but despite this i would like to hear people’s current thoughts on such idea.

And yeah, this is the only thing i like in Buzz, everything else is better in Renoise for sure.

I think that such approach will ease song creation and increase ergonomics tremendously.

What’s your opinion on that?

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I don’t fancy this, since I’ve to relearn those things. You can have that in SunVox I find it quite annoying always routing basic things first to get a sound out. :wink:

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Yeah, i know about Sunvox.
So you think that it is inconvenient?

Nope. I’m too lazy for that kind of things. :wink: Imagine you just want to have a saw and add some echo to it. In Renoise you can even just select a preset for that kind of stuff. In your case, you have to drag in the saw machine the echos and the in- and outputs and do the routing afterwards. If you fancy for that kind of stuff you may want to try out the DDMF Metaplugin in addition or Plouge Bidule or NI Reaktor. :wink:

In addition to the options Juri mentioned you also have a free alternative to DDMF Metaplugin called Kushview Element (free compiled version here: Release Element v0.41.1 · kushview/Element · GitHub) (You need to compile the source code by yourself if you want the latest version). You also have an alternative to Buzz tracker called Psycle tracker, which interestingly was originally created by the same person that created the tracker Renoise evolved from (RIP Arguru).


I think this would be pretty cool but probably needs a major rewrite of the tracks/fx engine.

Currently the closest I got to this is using the vcvrack vst or Cardinal (free variant) aliased multiple times and controlling a single patch with renoise from multiple tracks. But this way only uses the sequencing parts of renoise. Everything else happens inside Rack which is a fair bit less performant than the renoise sampler and built in fx.