Buzz To Vst

i cant find this topic with dll attached)
help me) :P

buzz to vst? Why?

because buzz is the best for create hardcore drums.
i dont see better solution…

909 BD (or any other kick) -> distortion -> some EQing -> maybe some compression = et voila, yuo gotz nieuw hc kik!1

distortion: Cyanide ;)

exectly but hove to crete some think like that?))) its one of many scheme.
kicks created in 30 mins without automatisation etc. it what i need i cant create some think like that out of buzz…

i can create other kick but in buzz i can create more and better create own cheme with effects.
put one synth and more sound to different effects… :drummer:

Belkin, seriously… should the fact that you are unable to create an hardcore kickdrum with anything but Buzz be a good reason for the whole world to donate to Buzz2VST?

I’m one of that “I don’t care about BUZZ” guys… BUZZ is dead, bad and restricted. Also, Oskari proved to be an annoying and money-hungry person.

If you really want to use teh altim8 keekdrum of this phoking world of softheadz made with rooling BUZZ, just make it in BUZZ and sample it.

no not will i have and will donate every month. till i havent what i have. or renoise will have some thing like buzz machines.

i dont want sample because it will be hard to automate need to put some other effects. etc.

and i dont aggree with you that buzz is dead why FL try to use it? why did renoise team whant it?

because some ppls interesting in it.
yes some motherf****ers want share it want money and because buzz will die … because no body will use it…
dolefully but true

as Bantai say
Welcom to f****in our planet

btw close this topic please

It still is in FL because of downward compatibililty. It has a serious bug which the creator of Buzz refuses to fix unless paid an horrendous amount of money. For a bugfix. To fix something that shouldn’t be there in the first place. For a fix in the code Imageline licensed from that guy…

I wonder how much money he still wishes to suck with that old and unstable code… how sad…

[nevermind] :)

exactly i dont mean implement it in renoise its imposible but via free vst its possible
but now i understand that most people want it for free. then… i will pay. :drummer:

I was referring to what Sqeetz said about that BUZZ bugfix for which Oskari asked for lots of money. If someone still want to use BUZZ machines, it’s his own business… personally, I will put all my energies in the direction of making Renoise an all-in-one solution.

you mean some thing like buzz machines?

we all want XRNI format to be more flexible, powerful and integrated with the VST/MIDI world.

we are gathering a good amount of ideas which will probably require a big part of 2.x cycle to be completely implemented.

I sincerely hope you will be going to forget BUZZ forever in the future :)

i know well a buzz developper! i ll ask him

But the hardcore kicks you sent belkin… i need about 20 seconds to recreate in renoise :P