Bw 2006: Hollywood Liberal Intelligentsia

It’s that bipolar time of the year again where dementia has paved the way for yet another burst of craptitude. I’m working on four tracks for a concept called Hollywood Liberal Intelligentsia. This concept tries to consolidate my PRUNK style with dance-floor feasibility. I offer you the first of four tracks: Laurie David.

Feedback is appreciated.

reminds me of download or aduck… I like this shit alot!!! :w00t:


PS. I made some subtle modifications and uploaded a new version about 5 minutes ago.

Nice pumping dub basses and good beats, but i think there is still some room for improvement in the background, nearly at the end you’ve added a variation of that glass lead thing, maybe introduce some variations a bit earlier, because i liked this very much with the beats together. :)

yeah dubby shit, with that sub tearing …me likes :)
…maybe an idea to maximise the dub analogy and do some ohmboys echo with maximum feedback settings :) on snares or other accents…like do some vocals on top mang



Thanks everyone, I also feel something is missing… I’m going to mediate on this because I need a day off. Making music sucks the sleep out of me. Anyone want to have a go at this? :)

Edit: Didn’t sleep…

Ok, I went back to the drawing board with the suggestions and am now happy with the track. Added more dub-crunched snares, put the body back into my girlfriend’s vocal and the organ… Check it out, again!

Argh, i still don’t like this. Too busy.

I’ll be back.

Now, even more magical and epic.

haven’t heard anything from you in a while, Conner.

i didn’t hear the other versions but this one doesn’t sound empty at all. i really like the vocal and the instrumentation.

think i’ll have to listen to this on speakers when i get home (listenin w/ headphones @ work right now) as that bass sounds like it is killer on a sub.

Yeah that’s a nice little dubby tune. I like it.

I thought it sounded very familiar. It’s very similar in structure to one of your Basement Wigger tracks I really enjoy.

The one with the dizzy sweaping pitchbends. I know, real specific. :wink:

pattern14… ;)

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Ok, sorry to be so anal about this but if you plan on keeping this around please get this latest version. The changes are almost subliminal but this is the final.

Thanks again.

Very good result! I will keep this song, has a nice drfifting atmosphere.

Could you fix the end? Seems like the feedback doesn’t play out long enough, i’ve noticed a small click, maybe play it some seconds longer and fade out.