Bx + 0Sxx and ghost midi automation

Hello, i was wondering if you guys could give me some help… i´ve been working with renoise for a couple of months and couldnt figure out some stuff, here we go:

is there a way that i can use de Bx command with a triggered sample 0Sxx ??? i´ve tried a lot of times but i didnt understand the logic , since it seems to get a random backward effect, for exemple:

line: c400___b0___0S0F … what i wanted to do is to trigger the sample in 0F position and play it backwards from this position, is that possible??what am i doing wrong?

and my other question: i got an axiom49 1st gen, which gives me a random “m1” ( pitchbend ) automation… i tried to disable de cc144 (tried “144”, “0144” “cc144”, “1”) in the midi menu but it doesnt seem to help, the only way i found is telling to renoise ignore “Pitchbend and controllers”, but i dont wanna lose controllers, what should i do?

well… my english is not very good but i hope youll understand hehe, thank you.

The Sxx command is applied related to the start position of the sample. If you order Renoise to play the sample backwards, this doesn’t mean that S00 will automatically relate to the end of the sample.
If you want it to play from position 0F (assuming that is somewhere 0F positions off the end), subtract 0F from FF and the result will be position F0, so try SF0 instead of S0F

Filter the message using MidiOx.
Bring your axiom49 in for repair at your retailer.

very nice!!! works like a charm, almost magic, guess i should take some hexadecimal calculation classes now.thank you vv

No real need…
If you click on a specific position in the sample, read the value on the right side of the [Rec] button down below, that is your exact Sxx hex position given.


Still need to do hex maths to know the value to use when playing backwards though :P

No you don’t, the position stays the same. It is however a rough rounded offset though as it is a 1/256th position division. The larger the sample, the bigger the area that each position covers and makes it problematic to pinpoint an exact position.
However, for that you can simply use the slicer, strike the specific key and only use the B0 command. Saves you some typing as well.

I put the cursor on the bear near the end of my loop, read the value CF.

I enter B0 0SCF - Oh shit it played from the wrong location!!!

In fact, just read your first post in this thread and not the contractions you yourself have been saying!

Aha, sorry:you’re correct, i checked it with position 7E, ofcourse the approximate of position 7E is always correct because it is always near the center.
More reason to simply forget about the Sxx positioning and simply use the slice mode instead:100 times quicker workflow and as precise as desired.

Agreed. Only negative point I can think of is you lose the ability to play the sample (slices) at different pitches/notes.

im not in front of my pc now but, if you set the bx command one row after the triggered sample (with s0f) you will get what you want.

EDIT: it was meant as answer to piranhatron2000