Bx, Dx, Ex, And Fx

As it is now we can use Bx (playing sample backwards), Dx (delay note) and Ex (retrigger note) in the panning column and Fx (note cut after x ticks) in the volume column.

It would help alot if you could use Bx, Dx, Ex and Fx in both columns.

Yes, I know. It’s a great idea. Thank you. :mellow:

You´re a god <_<

Just kidding :P

I´d like to have it too :)

You can also use Bxx (play backwards), 0Dxx (delay note)and 0Exy (retrigger note) in the effect column…

whoops think I didn´t read the post properly

um… johan?
atm. Bx, Ex, Dx are working at the panning and also at the effect col. only Fx is working atm at the volume col.
I think a multiple choice would be cool to be able to use all effect variations at the col. u want :)

I agree, I justed wanted to enlighten everyone it’s also possible to use most of them in the fx column :)
The most important thing though is that they all can be used in the fx column too, if you want to apply volume, panning AND the effect at the same time (there was another post about this I think).