By So Far... The Coolest Google Doodle Ever!

I can’t believe how cool this thing is… Google is celebrating Robert Moog’s 78th birthday with a a synth powered in the browser. I’m glad I didn’t have to program that! I can’t believe this thing actually works.

wow :)

that’s friggin awesome. you can even record stuff! yup, favourite doodle of all times, no doubt B)

My fave one remains the one for Freddy Mercury.

The fine peeps who animated that work in the cube right next to mine - I’ll let em know you liked it! I did assist with making sure animated freddy was playing the right keys on the piano :)

As for the moog doodle, I can’t hardly take the creds for that but the idea for that started from yours truly after the les paul doodle’s success. It was really a no brainer to do one for mr. moog B)

edit: attaching the original concept I sent the doodle team last summer, they nailed it in terms of making it look like an actual minimoog, I did like my logo better tho!