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in both mixer view and in track… please

I’d like that too.


I can’t see when I’d ever use this option.

For me it would be rendering samples without master fx or track fx applied. Like in some older thread very useful, so one doesn’t need to enable/disable a bunch. Could be also useful for quick a/b comparison of the whole fx chain.

It does not perform this on a track-base.
Quick a/b/ comparison can ofcourse be done, but this always affects the whole song.

Never thought of that as workaround, though there might be situations, in which one wants the track fx applied but not the master fx, so it’s not really a solution.

+1 for this Idea

asked for it a while ago, so don`t know if it may be in the todo list somewhere? Would be very useful to me.

I’d like to this option: Send tracks allways on.

This would handy when soloing track with 1 send, and then unmuting tracks (which has other sends enabled) one by one. Hope you get the point…

Please Taktik, add this to your to-do list!

+1 here… seems logical and useful when testing your effects per track.

+1 :)

+1 for a “disable all FX on a track” button (ON/OFF switch)

+1, useful feature, specially for the purpose Beatslaughter has mentioned.