Bytebeat - tutorials anywhere?

I’m trying to use bytebeat to create a glitchy sounding multisampled instrument in renoise.

I’m using the 8bitsynth in caustic (which creates oscillators from lines of code, see below).

Can anyone point me in the direction of clear bytebeat tutorials?

I don’t understand how to write these codes.

I need to understand to keep them accurate (for the arp based textures and so on) so that I can stay in key…so that I know what I’m doing and so the resulting waveforms are not completely random.

This is the bytebeat tool I will be using (caustic 8bitsynth).

I found some useful explanations and instructions:

Looks like its possible to get samples with waveforms that ‘sizzle’ or ‘crumble’ with these bytebeat formulas…could be interesting, something new.

I’m not really into the idea of using it to write a sequence, or arppeggiate…they will all be out of time when pitched up and down in reniose.

‘Sizzling’ or ‘crumbling’ waveforms could make a unique multisampled instrument in renoise.

If only I could control this caustic module properly by understanding the structure of the formulas.

It would require a certain degree of understanding to achieve the level of accuracy necessary in order to create a nice multisampled instrument built out of those sizzlin’ waveforms up in there. Does anyone know how to write these formulas? ( for timbre rather than arps and sequences )?