ByteSeeker Jr 2.1 - ByteBeat Hardware +Software

I recently bought this and notice no one has reviewed it yet so i will present it to you !


So basicly i bought this on “” for 26$ fully assembled with the battery holder.
It has 6 controls :

Sw1 = Switch program left
Sw2 = Switch program right
A = Modify variable 1
B = Modify variable 2
Silence = Momentary silence for a kind of stuttering effect
Wheel = Volume up or down

2 Jacks :

1/8 jack for audio
Power jack (if you do not want to use the battery)

Usualy when you make bytebeat you are stuck with thse same tune until you change numbers but this machine allow you to modify this formula on the fly by assigning one of those values to a varriable. Built in this device, you already have 10 phrase to play with and thrust me you can make some weird noise with that already !

Here is a little preview :

If you want to go further with this device you can also modify those formula like i did ! I bought the usb bub II right there for 15,50$. This is fully compatible with the arduino ide wich is very simple to understand even if you are not a software engineer !

But i had one trouble tho… I wasnt good for making formula, even if im still good in math at first i didnt got it. so i had to make my own solution :slight_smile:

Here is my Random ByteBeat Generator

you can download the latest version right here :
(There is noway to tell how much people will download this software so i would appreciate if you could leave me a message if you like it !)

It is as simple as it says press generate under the condition you gives you and thats it ! After you just have to change a number to variable “a” and another one to variable “b” if you wish to upload this new formula to the device.

Here are some formula that my software made :

What i suggest is go test those formula with one of these sites :

Once you got something pretty just upload this to your ByteSeeker jr and be amazed!

And post your good formula down here !!

Thank you viznut, without you all this couldnt be possible !

Haha crazy :slight_smile: I guess functions like sin() are not possible ?

So I can use this device to seek bytes? … for… reasons? >.>