C-Blu - Lm87

Update: I Use this topic to announce my new raw tracks, for whose I think starting a new thread is useless. so for new track scroll down till the end

Nothing extraordinary, but not that bad. :guitar:
C-Blu - Lm87


C-Blu - Exxozoid


Another of those 1 hour production dubstep mini-tunes.

C-Blu - 3 raindrops
Eastern scales influenced dubstep tune.


And another one. Some strange scale influenced dubstep tune.
At last I made those bangy drums. Love Renoise’s default Instruments (Bass Drop and Subwoofer) :drummer:
C-Blu - Phasy Wobble


hey c-blu, you’ve got a trick to make very cool wobbles with renoise. :walkman: Your songs are globally a bit short, but well done in the end. Each new song is an example of the way to variate the wobble effect, let’s say that wobbling will become your specialty. I particularly like the 3 raindrops one, maybe because of the eastern monk voices at 0:35 and the reprise at 1:00 (after the break). It could be cool if you could make some small tutorials explaining to other renoisers some of your wobbling techniques.

Thanks Kurtz, even though I think I need to do a deeper research in Meta devices to make the wobbles more interesting!

I am still not at the level to feel myself comfortable with songs 3-5 minutes long. Don’t want to be too repetitive. But maybe as the time passes I’ll be able to produce better tracks. I just don’t put too much effort on 'em. A couple of hours of work maximum.

I’ll do some tutorials on wobbles sharing xrns and DSP chains. Your post motivated me at last to start a renoise-based music making tutorial site. I hope to drive more people into Renoise community.

Check out my new hip hop beat with gameboy influence: Of course time of making like 1hour. :rolleyes:
C-Blu - Crispy GB


New Raw Shitty kinda-Glitch Hop Remix I made.

Onra - chop your hand (C-Blu Remix)


I have uploaded the source xrns file for 3 raindrops http://goo.gl/3EJP0