C-Blu - Path Of Rain

Hi everyone! I’ve made this tune like a half a year ago, but I’ve decided to anounce it just now. Any comments will be appreciated.

Made on Linux, with crappy samples and nearly no DSPs (reverb)


I like it. But you have to do more mixing . I like the way you played your samples, all one shots?

Yes sounds like the melodies can use some reverb or something u can automate to make it sound less static, the ideas are nice, drums sound good like that :)

All one shots, played by notes, except for the drum loop. I even decided not to chop it, just played the way it was. By the way I did some work to pan the instruments the way they should by in the orchestra, may be I should do something with the volume :)

Yes I haven’t used any automation in the song, only “cathedral” reverb.

By the way, i did this song in 1,5 days. Not so much. And the biggest part it took me to master it.

Thanks for the comments, I think I should work on it. ;)