C64 as synth via MIDI

Hello all. I’m an author of STATION64, C64 synth controlled via midi. I’ll be glad to receive any feedback about this tool. Main features are:

  • 3 voice polyphony or unison for fat sounds
  • full 3 osc control via midi
  • use midi channel -> sid osc mapping for flexible control
  • fine tune for each osc
  • 2 lfo/env (4 stage) with apply to pitch/pulsewidth/filter cut
  • total monitoring all midi activity
  • advanced glide and pitchwheel control
  • fast on-screen help
  • zero latency (on real Commodore)
  • tested on C64 / C128(in c64 mode)
  • works with 8580/6581 on PAL/NTSC (auto detection) machines
  • screen-off for more clean sound from SID
  • configurable with any MIDI cartridge (if you have a problem - write to me)
  • works with any disk drive (+some additional features for SD2IEC users) to load/save created programs banks
  • 16 programs (can change from external midi too)
  • 100% original code, without any KERNAL use
  • software reset to machines without reset button
  • support ANY midi interface created for C64

Main page of this tool is http://djindikator.net/#c64



looks amazing! :badteethslayer:

mate! nice, how do i get it onto the c64??

mate! nice, how do i get it onto the c64??

At first download it from my site :slight_smile: Then there are several ways:

  1. use something modern SD card reader for C64, like www.sd2iec.co.uk/

  2. use Kerberos Midi interface (more prefferable, coz it have MIDI interface yet) www.frank-buss.de/ kerberos /

  3. use EasyFlash cartridge http://store.go4retro.com/easyflash-3/

I wish I hadnt sold my tape drive :C