C64 Boot Screen

In this interview with Peter Harrap (http://www.c64hq.com/interviews/harrap_part_2.html) there’s mention of a c64 boot screen:

I’d like to have one too, but couldn’t find it with google. Anyone heard of stuff like this?

I think he simply meant this

I have no idea how it exactly looks but I imagine something when loading windows instead of the windows thingy and the bar you’d have the c64 screen and it would type load “Windows XP” (or something similar)

c64 would return: “Press play on tape” (great band, check out the downloads)

and then it would continue with a typical c64 load screen with all those nice colors etc…

And no, no wallpaper ;)

You could try to make your own. Boot up a c64 emulator, take a screenshot and modify this to fit this Bootlogo program… but do read all the disclaimers and stuff, it could make your system inoperable