C64 Emulator

How about a c64 commador chip emulator (like quadrasid) built in to renoise

A 303 or a 909 and 808 emulator
and maybe something like sim synth

you already have an instrument panel why not let there be a built in synth based on c64 or something new?

What do you think.


why? there are thousands of plug-ins and programs out just doing so.
all could be connected with renoise i. e. via midi yoke or as a vsti

so why we need a sampler and sample-editor within renoise? why internal fx and so on ;)

i think a build-in synth isn’t a bad suggestion … but there must be coder for this.

A standardized tracker plugin system would for sure be great. But anything built in (like the internal sampler) will always be easier and more controllable than a plug-in. The common rules that must be set for a plug-in system would still be a bit limiting. For example you probably couldn’t use the “render selection to sample” feature with a plug-in sampler. The internal functionality can be much better integrated with the UI.

Btw, there was a built-in synth called CSynth in Noisetrekker (before it was called Renoise)… anyone who remembers this?? :)

Jepp, I heard about it. But now seriously, there are quite a lot SID-alike Plugins availalbe at www.kvr-vst.com (quantum 64 e.g.). An internal Synth just needs more resources and especially SID-Sound can be simulated with Chip-Samples.

I’ve heard a lot of chiptune composers on Amiga saying that too and they claimed they already had such tunes.
But when i listened to the tunes, they were just a bunch of modules using crappy wave-samples.

It was not even close to just a bit of the true C64 sound-output.

I’ve heard a few mods that came close, but they had the genuine C64 sound-samples used (and not chipsamples).

If you apply filter, pulse (phaser / flanger mixed with EQ) and modulation effects, you might be able to get somewhere, but it will still not become genuine C64.

i don’t know why - when i wanna make sid i use goat tracker. when i wanna use c64-like samples, i use quadrasid. when i wanna have nice 303 sounds, i use any synth which emulates them… could be better if we let programmers improve much more important features (where’s my damn plugin sorter? =)

yeah it should be so. I dunno why all the people ask for features which are available just installing some Plug-in or midi yoke. I’d like to keep the developpers developping the main thing. But that`s of course very subjective.

I don’t think Renoise needs an embedded synth.

In fact, I think this is the opposite of what Renoise should get; it needs to separate its different layers from each other – a built-in synth would only clutter things further, like with the sample-/vst-engine.