C64 Messiah - Messiahs Return Music Video

First time I have played with video editing since my Amiga days MANY years ago.

Used windows movie maker; one that ships with original verison of windows and virtual dub to slice up a bit of the video.

I only have one file that was video taped by my ex-girlfriend. It’s a wig people. not my hair. I have none. Couldn’t imagine doing video editing as an occupation. Bare arm is now covered with tats so this footage is a good 3-4 years old.

Has some amusing stuff going on.

Talk about painstaking… maybe with the right tools.

Pick the file format you would like to view and then download and open.



Currently downloading it… Critics tomorrow :)

:lol: :yeah:

Would like to put some video to the Ballblazer - Dirty South Song. It’s so tough finding video on the new now with youtube and these other services that have stuff saved using crappy flv!