C64 Vst For Mac?

Is there a C64 VST for Mac? I’ve been trying to find one, but only to find Windows-vsts. <_<

I know it’s easy to make your own samples that has that chip-sound, but I’ve recently started to use VST’s and would like one like this.

In the past I have used reFX quadraSID, which is quite friendly and very easy to use, although maybe not the most accurate sound according to some people:

These days I prefer to use Plogue ChipSounds, which is superb and has 9 incredibly accurate sound chip engines, including SID (6580 and 8580):

Both of these products are available for Windows and Mac.

i really love plogue chipsounds

right now i think its the best emu out there

Pretty sure you weren’t looking for this…but this is a wicked lickle standalone thing for writing loop based chiptunes. And it’s got C64 in the title.
Can’t get the link to download right now… :(

i downloadet it from here


Yeh mannn, it’s good fun. I’ve written a couple of albums worth of tracks on that thing. If you feel renoise is making your brain melt, jump on this thing and get back to working within constraints.
swot it’s all about

I’ve been having trouble with the timing of QuadraSID in Logic. According to the support team, this is just the way the plug-in behaves…
How is the timing of the Plouge one? (short quantized notes with fast attack)

Perhaps you could upload an mp3 example that demonstrates the problem with QuadraSID? By ‘timing’ do you mean that certain notes are triggering out of sync or drifting around slightly, or are you referring to the envelopes not triggering correctly so that some notes sound wrong? I don’t use Logic myself, but I’ve never really had a serious issue like that when using QuadraSID in Renoise. If you make sure to insert note-off’s at the proper points and prevent notes from overlapping, then I think it should be fine. ChipSounds seems fine as well, and I actually prefer to use this one now because it offers more possibilities (though it can be tricky to work with at times). Upload an example sound anyway, just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Thanks for all the tips, ya’ll!

However, I can’t get either QuadraSID nor the Plogue to work. :( They just won’t show up in Renoise. Will give it another try later on and see if I did something wrong…

Have you successfully managed to get any other plugins working in Renoise? If so, have you used any instruments/synths yet, or have you only used effect plugins? Keep in mind that plugin effects are listed in the Track DSPs section, while plugin instruments/synths are listed in the Instrument Settings section.

Have a read through the manual and see if there’s anything you’ve missed there.

Preferences > Plugins/Misc:

Instrument Settings > Plugin Instrument (VST/AU) Properties:

delete this post someone, I was gonna reply but ive just realised i dont know what im talking about, but i dont know how to delete my own posts. What am i like? Shouldnt have had that smoke:-)

stop doing drugs please mmmkay :rolleyes:

plogue chipsounds is the uber c64 vst thats out there,and the only vst you would ever need for this

Aaaaaaahh!!! Now that explains a thousand things!! I guess I should read the manual a bit more extensively.

Thanks! :D

edit: Tried it now. It is a grovebox app with drums, 2 synths and a bass. It does not feel very chip but is a fun distraction for a while.