Cabinet Simulator > Amp Simulator


Would it be possible to change the Cabinet Simulator DSP so you can switch off different components like the Cabinet or the EQ, so I can choose my own Impulse Responses and only use the Preamp/EQ?

I’d really like to see it becoming a simple Amp Simulator in the long run, where you can choose different kinds of preamp-tubes, maybe tone stacks and after all your own custom Impulse Responses as cabinets. The convolver is already there, so for a start it would be really handy to be able to switch the preset impulse responses off or add the pre-amp as a seperate DSP…

yep been asking this since it came out .

Agree, now that there is a convolver in Renoise, cabinet simulation can be handled by simply loading a speaker impulse response file. Changing the Cab sim to an Amp sim, preferably with some nice realistic and tweakable models of a range of guitar and bass amps would really improve this effect.

Hell yes!

I’ve wanted this too. Disabling/enabling individual components would also allow adding other effects between preamp and cabinet.