Cabinet simulator, freezes in linux

Im on kxstudio (ubuntu 14.04) live iso installation.
So the Cabinet Simulator plug-in freezes Renoise,
sometimes from 0.5 sec to 10 sec freeze when I switch
cabinet type (first parameter).
This usually didn’t happen.
I my have some real-time setting wrong, maybe Renoise isn’t prioritized enough?
but I did just go with the default settings

This plugin is amazing cuz It uses almost no cpu and it dose so much to the sound

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Have you done install on the hard drive or are you using the live iso from usb.?

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(i’m awaiting answer on stoiximan’s question)

tip: 14.04 sounds a bit too old to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Installed on the disk, I only meant that I use the original kxstudio, ye its old but I like it

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You should give us more info.Do you use external audio interface or on board,?Do you use jack audio server or alsa?What is the configuration of jack if you use it(pictures please)?Does jack give you xruns if you use it?Try going to Renoise gui settings and disable animations.

I also would upgrade to at least Ubuntu 16.

focusrite saffire pro 40 with jack and alsa bridged.
It makes all jack audio VU meter inside mixbus freeze BUT jack transport makes mixbus roll on and quickly go back later when Renoise stopped freezing “from too much ice-cream” to stay in sync.

snapshot1 snapshot2