Cadence - Fable


Did you ever start composing a song, and then left it forever forgotten on your harddrive, unfinished? Of course you did :) It happened to me so many times, and I don’t believe I’m the only one. But there was this one song that I kept coming back to and worked on it from time to time. I started composing it in 2009, then added some sections in Spring and Fall of 2010, and I finally finished it today :)
So, I decided to share it with you, so that maybe it will inspire some of you to go back and finish one of those forgotten songs sitting on your hard drive ;) And don’t forget to post it here when you are done! ;)


Sounds like a rpg-ingame-music…me like.

Thanks. My original concept was actually a video game music. That’s why it is so slow and kinda dreamy at the beginning (maybe introducing game characters, some shots of locations, etc) and then there is this more intensive part for some kind of fight or chase. The beginning will probably put off most listeners since it sounds a bit boring without a video, and they will never hear the second part I guess. So I’m glad you have actually listened to the whole thing ;)