Cakewalk - Sonar / Renoise link.

Greetings -

I just registered your fine tracker. I do pro audio for various things such as TV/film, playstation 2 games (Summoner (THQ), Red Faction (THQ), Freespace 2 (Volition), etc etc.

I started back on the amiga in 84 on a soundtracker so since you guys have done I nice job here, I invested ;)

Anyways to the question I have.

Is it possible to get Renoise to sync to Sonars midi clock for stop/start/continue sends ? Cant seem to get Renoise to do anything when I setup the slave command. Also is it possible to define what instrament gets what midi channel ? For example, lets say I want to have control of 16 instraments from Renoise to play in Sonar. Is this possible ?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Dezacrator (aka Scott Lee)
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There’s a channel setting in the instruments section, isn’t this what you describe?

This is what Im looking to do.

I’d like to be able to hit the play button on sonar and renoise starts up as well, stops, etc. Im using a unitor 8 8 port midi interface and I have renoise on a second computer on midi port 8 (16 channels). What then I would like to do is be able to play 16 different samples, vsti’s, whatevers loaded as channels via Sonar. Another words, bass / guitar / voice as Midi port 8, channels 1, 2 , and 3… So I can play sounds in renoise seperately via midi. Right now I can only play the 1 targeted sound. I hope this helps more :rolleyes:


Bump. Hmm let me see if I can describe this better. Dunno if you guys have gotten what I meant yet.

Lets say I have a master control keyboard. Now with this master I would like access to more then one sample in renoise via “midi channels”. Is this possible currently?

And just my other question was has anyone gotten Sonar and renoise to stop, continue, play with the slave clock yet ? My renoise just sits there and looks pretty. Thanks in advance!