California Love [Bitpop]

(Gavin Graham) #1

Made with C64 sounds only + vocals

There’s not too many hip-hop songs that have endured well for me but this one always brings me a little joy every time I hear it. I’ve spent the whole week wondering what’s next then on Friday night, I was vegging on the lounge when this song came on Hit105. I went from semi-coma to alert AF in a flash. I was alert long enough to make a note in my phone before the coma again washed over me. First thing Saturday morning, I was onto it!

Gminor all the way in this one, Nice slap-funk bass riff, worthy rap, vocoders - this song is really interesting from a musical perspective. Lotsa riffs, Nice!

Always always, made with love. I’m an e-busker and work by donation over at my Bandcamp page.

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(The Empty Self) #2

AWESOME :slight_smile:

(Gavin Graham) #3

AWESOME :slight_smile:

Hehe! Thanks, man. Much appreciated.

(HeartBeatHero) #4

Very cool! Who is singing and rapping the vocals?

(Gavin Graham) #5

Very cool! Who is singing and rapping the vocals?

Thanks mate.

The vocals are just my and budding bitpop artist (whenever he FINALLY finishes something), Ric Liao put together during a Friday night party-time recording and booze session. :slight_smile: