California Love [Bitpop]

Made with C64 sounds only + vocals

There’s not too many hip-hop songs that have endured well for me but this one always brings me a little joy every time I hear it. I’ve spent the whole week wondering what’s next then on Friday night, I was vegging on the lounge when this song came on Hit105. I went from semi-coma to alert AF in a flash. I was alert long enough to make a note in my phone before the coma again washed over me. First thing Saturday morning, I was onto it!

Gminor all the way in this one, Nice slap-funk bass riff, worthy rap, vocoders - this song is really interesting from a musical perspective. Lotsa riffs, Nice!

Always always, made with love. I’m an e-busker and work by donation over at my Bandcamp page.

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AWESOME :slight_smile:

AWESOME :slight_smile:

Hehe! Thanks, man. Much appreciated.

Very cool! Who is singing and rapping the vocals?

Very cool! Who is singing and rapping the vocals?

Thanks mate.

The vocals are just my and budding bitpop artist (whenever he FINALLY finishes something), Ric Liao put together during a Friday night party-time recording and booze session. :slight_smile: