Calling Out All Jungle Massive!

Am releasing a free downloadable album in April and am now in the process of choosing tracks. Have a bunch of jungle type tracks covered in sirens & rave-sauce ready and like to share one lill track here that I like:

My idea is to create an album of tracks overlapping in each other (outro effects, verb/delays etc crossfading with intro’s of next track), without noticeable silence gaps of cource, like it was a mix, but still have separate .mp3 files for the listener to skip through.

I have yet find time if wavelab can do this, if not can you suggest me a .mp3 specialized program up for these kind of tasks?



mix the uncompressed audio into one long file, chop up the long file into the uncompressed tracks, encode the tracks to mp3. shouldn’t take that long, don’t think there would be any shortcuts really.

I would mixmeister fusion for it, using label markes it’s possible to choose where to split the tracks. After that is done, it can burn a cd with separate tracks, or you can export the mix as seperate wav files. Done ^_^

I’ve read somewhere else, you first need to burn your tracks with 0zero gaps and then do the conversion to .mp3 through cd(?). I wonder if after converting this cd, you still need to set something up in the .mp3s?

  • thanx for the program suggestion bedawang, will, look into it.

Reaper can create a CD image with track number changes at each song marker.
After that just bung the MP3s in the CDs 2nd session.

w00t! gonna drop that mix tonight :D

I’d go for Genfu’s technique, it seems the most flexible. In a DAW like Acid, you could simply ‘program’ your tracks into a mix and export the entire album to wave, cutting the tracks by hand. It’s not that much work, at least not as much as it sounds (ofcourse depending on your CPU power I guess). When I was converting tapes to a digital format, I did the same after bouncing the entire tape to my harddrive and then cut the seperate tracks by hand. Basically, you could even make the mix in Traktor or something, though I don’t know anything about the output quality of such software.

It’s doable in wavelab… I’ve done it a couple of times. But more or less any daw will do it, I usually use Cubase nowdays.

.cue files ftw! That way you don’t have to worry about cutting the long track up, or gaps when burning aso.

Very cool. I’m not all that sure about the siren, it pulls it away from the moodyness of the piece and makes it a bit wonky, but then, that may be what you wanted…
Phat production, and nice programming…

Now about the track:

WHAT THE SHIT!! This, on a dancefloor, now. This is what I want to go nuts to. Very tight mix man, solid and tight! Obviously loving the chaos, but you also managed to sketch several atmospheres throughout the track with the same elements and without losing sight of the ‘theme’ and for that, I salute thee. My only gripe would be that I think the track could’ve used more variation in the composition. It’s very straight forward: it begins, wreaks havoc, ends. Could use a bridge halfway, in my humble opinion, something to give the listener a breather and a great excuse to introduce new element(s) in a climactic ending…?

Thnx for the suggestions / feedback guys…

will do it in wavelab, am rtfm’ng right now :)

Thanks Moss, yes wonkyness is ever-present in my musics. A mix between 2 faces.

Thanks Botb! It is more of a section than a song yes. I hope I can place/mix this section in a way it makes more musical sense between other stuff :) . Maybe have the outro verb flow into a more ambient section etc. Don’t think I’ll revisit this one for an extension, want to finish other stuff first!



Be cautious with mp3 format, you’ll find that most of the time it adds a little leading/trailing silence into your files… This may be undesirable for what you want to achieve. Maybe you should prefer another format like FLAC over it.

Downloading your track from soundcloud right now but it’s damn slow… :confused: