Calm Razor - Davidxon

I don’t know where I get these weird names from but this one of the last songs made before making the plunge into quitting dope (I was high). That day I was finishing it up I woke up on the floor with tourniquet still on my arm and a needle in my hand. That was a relapse. I felt fine that day because I tapered off in a very smooth controlled way. I ruined it and made myself feel more sick 2 days later then I any other day. The song was inspired by all the fighting, suicidal depression, the stupid girl I was involved in who first let me have a threesome with her and her other friend and ended with her putting a knife to my throat after she once again extorted money out of my stupid ass and I threatened to crash the car and kill both of us if she didn’t give me my money back. I realized most people who I thought were friends were there to just use me… It’s amazing how clear the world looks now. So much detail. Everything was a low-rez blur past year or so.


Sounds very professional, the side mixing is quite well done; really dig the vocals,
and the meandering synth has a nice deep dark goth vibe. Would enjoy a bank
or pyramid goth club style dance remix of this for sure. Thanks for sharing!