Camel - 4 X Desert Crosswinds

[b][center]Flute Loop Arranged 12.12.2011
in ~6 hours while testing Renoise 2.8.0 beta 1[/center]

42o Profile Views on SoundCloud!!![/b]

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

nice idea, well executed, also very long but that’s okay. ^^
i have songs about the desert too, but mine sound very different. :D

cheers Mandulin. can you drop a link to your tracks, i would like to hear… nevermind, im blind… :)

is in need, indeed.
Pain in the ass to learn new pattern commands… :smashed:
but who cares?!
The new beta is totally rocking stuff!!!


thanks to the Whole Renoise Team!!!
best x-mas present ever!!!

cAMEL :badteeth:

Yay nice sounds, mate. Like the vibe. Keep it flowing thru the winter. There might be freezing outside, but this song wanders among burning mirages…

Like it when the flute comes in, nice eastern vibe with the percussion and all.