Can a custom tool provide automation parameters?

I have a Korg Volca FM, and assorted parameters can be set/changed via CC messages. I’ve been using the “Instr MIDI Control” device for this. I like that I can have various values set up at the start of a song using fx automation.

The problem, though, is that the MIDI control device uses sliders that are all fixed to a displayed range of 0 to 127. Many of the Volca parameters have a displayed value of a smaller range even though they expect a value in the range of 0 to 127. For example, to set the patch algorithm to 20, I need to send a value of (I think) in the range 80 to 84.

Rather than have to do the math for these things I thought I could write a tool to manage this: display controls with the same range as shown on the Volca, but map the input to the expected CC value. (E.g. show a slider that goes from 1 to 32, but have the tool map that value to the range of 1 to 127 when sending the CC.)

(I thought of using a Doofer but as best I can tell there is no way to get a Doofer to do that range mapping.)

If I write such a tool, is there a way to have it’s controls and parameters available for automation? I.e., right-click on a control and have the value stored as an effects automation?

I’m thinking no, because it’s a tool not a device, but maybe someone knows of a way to pull this off.

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In the meantime I finagled a doofer for the four Volca params I am most likely to use. I figured the doofer could send user-friendly values to a formula device, which would map them to the 0-127 range needed to be sent via the MIDI Control device.

But formula sliders are fixed to 0 to 1.0. So, I settled on having the doofer use decimal fractions. E.g. 0.001 to 0.032 for the algorithm selection.

It seems to work pretty well. It would get unwieldly if I wanted to keep increasing the available control mappings.

Still curious if tools can expose something that would allow them to be automated in a track.

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