Can a doofer knob snap to custom lfo points?

ie for 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 note sync on a multi tap delay?

With a formula device between the macro knob and the effect, yes. The formula depends on the steps you want to choose, and which effect you want to control with it.

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Or you can also use a LFO of course and edit graphically, you need to set the custom LFO to “points” mode, then the reset can control which value is active. Hope this helps!

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This is a case where entering values in the effect column can actually save you time. Just copy and paste the custom values you want and put them where you want them in the timeline. Goes quick.


I could look into how the repeater device is coded, somehow.

couple questions :: is there a simple way to match the amplitude of an LFO with it’s output when it’s set to custom mode with a -inf LPC?

I have the doofer knob controlling the amplitude and reset.

I tried tying the doofer to lfo offset as well but there seems to be a curve in there that makes the offset reach 100% when the amplitude is still at 80%.

Formula device – if a generous soul wants to walk a noob into the dark hallway of formula scripting with the flashlight of their intellect and experience … a guide would be much appreciated.
delay:sync cutom lfo test.xrns (12.6 KB)

this is intelligent advice but unfortunately not applicable to my workflow.
I don’t prepare meticulously edited tracks so much as I typically run a single pattern and goof on parameters for my own private edification…

Elegant solution, tho, thank you