Can A Main.lua Be Too Big For It's Own Good?

Hi, I’ve begun to wonder. It actually takes 1-2 seconds for my tab-key to switch from track1 to track2. It feels really sluggish - I really feel like it didn’t used to be like that. I don’t know anything about notifiers, could it be that there’s heaps of notifiers somewhere which are slowing things down? oI also don’t know anythin about code or lua or renoise api, so are all tools run and kept in memory everytime one presses tab to switch to another track?

Can’t answer your question, but this should earn you a prize. :)


The more stuff that has to be tracked about, the more sluggish things can get. A Big Main.lua doesn’t necessarily mean Renoise gets sluggish, but if it is full of notifier function assignments then yeah, no problem getting it into a big fat slow turkey.

There’s only one notifier. Could it be the length of the main.lua script? It has 2012 lines as of today.

If things seem to slow down, you can disable the tools and see if it helps?

Ah, the 1337 status is but a fleeting moment

I have disabled quite a load of tools which I don’t use… Now I’m going the extra mile and just uninstalling the already deactivated tools.