Can A Script Call A Theme?

Thought it might be interesting to have a script with viewbuilder call it’s own theme, without globally updating the player?
is this possible? or do we not want this?

hmmm not sure. I wanted to ask about coloring items, too, but then I thought about it and realized no, the theme needs to be respected always.

or maybe the user could allow scripts to color stuff, but otherwise it just gets ignored?

I guess it definitely makes sense aesthetic wise.

The only thing you can color yourself are the buttons inside your own script dialogs but nothing more.
Well, you can add bitmaps and add controls to bitmaps, so there are more ways to pimp your dialog.
The rest of the theme remains respected.

Thanks vV.

Hey, vV you pasted the 10,000 post mark today! :yeah:

+1 for disco effect script :)

I do actually like that everything is coherent looking. Any specific reason why this is useful?

It’s not important, but essentially just to change the way a scripts interface elements look.