Can An Instrument Have It'S Own Fx And Can A Piano Sustain Pedal W

Bit bizarre what I am doing…I want to use Renoise as a sound module ( for something I’m working on).

  1. I’ve multisampled a piano using the plugin grabber in 2.7 (in Linux) and it’s brilliant. I’ve got a 3 layered piano. Trouble is no matter what I try when I press my piano sustain pedal down I can’t get it to sustain in the way I want. Is this possible at the moment? I’m mucking around with it but can’t make it happen.

I’ve tried to assign Midi Learn to the Sustain button in the ADSR envelope window in Instrument Properties but the Sustain button disappears so I am assuming it’s not assignable as a midi cc?

  1. I want to be able to move through each instrument using up down cursor keys but at the same time I want each instrument to have it’s own particular fx. I’ve tried to set this up so e.g. instrument1 Piano>Track1 (I want instrument 1 to have Reverb) and instrument2 Rhodes>Track2 (Instrument 2 has a phaser) but it’s not doing what I want. If I move to track 2 (using TAB) with the piano instrument selected all that happens is that the piano now has a phaser on it. What I want is to be able to assign an fx particular to the instrument. Does that make sense! :wacko:

Can anyone please help here? I’m having lots of fun with this in Linux at the moment…but I just hit these stumbling blocks and it’s driving me nuts.


Option 1 is highly anticipated for, the multiple layers was step one of the internal instrument upgrade. Step two is to enhance it with stuff like configurables envelopes per keyzone and more midi control ?(like pitch bend and modwheel) but this will be added in later updates.

2:Fx are bound to tracks, if you want to have a certain DSP fx linked to an instrument, simply keep recording that instrument in that specific track.
If you want to tie a specific instrument to a track, for internal instruments the only possibility is to link a specific Midi device (and channel) to the instrument and in there choose the track the recorded notes should go to.
For plugins this is also adjustable in the output tab on the back of the plugin configurations (instrument settings) where you can lock the specific audio output to a specific track.