Can Anybody Host A Frienldy Hippiecouple In April?

We’re going to hitchhike from Holland to Spain with my GF and although we have a tent and sleeping bags it would be preferable to sleep somewhere inside (in the beginning of April its still a bit cold outside at night). So I thought that maybe some fellow renoisers can help us out.

Our trip starts on 1st of April when we drive from Estonia to the Netherlands by car with a friend of mine. The first stop will be in Apeldoorn. I have a friend living and working there so we can crash at hes place but only for a couple of days. So, after that we would like to pay a visit to Amsterdam but we have no place to stay there. So if You happen to have some spare square meters of floor in your home and you won’t mind us staying overnight, let me know by PM.

And also because we’re going to drive though Germany and France, hitting finally the destination - Spain - any hospitable offers are welcome. Anyhow it will be cool to meet up with some of you.…ge=4&seek=0 - Aren’t we cute :rolleyes: :lol:


Stinkin’ hippies! :D no, it wasn’t an insult, I have had dreads also…and also as I have done also this kind of traveling, I would like to really really much to help you out but the thing is that im living in finland.

well, I can point you out that there is these sites where you can search by your location sleeping place. works very well and you can trust to those ppl.

here is two links to biggest sites i think:

cheers and have a nice trip!!!


Thanks, cAMEL!

I’ll sure check these sites out ;)

Eeter the Stinkin’ Hippie.

Hi again!
I’m in France in Perpignan at the moment. And soon in some days we’ll head to Spain.…775391&z=6

Now I really need your help guys, because in Estonia I started making a remix for my friends singel and I had one chance to complete it in Germany in Ulm, but there was too much things missing that I still didn’t finish it. The deadline is on 3rd of May and I hope that I can find someone on our way who can help me out with some hosting with access to a computer capable for making music. I have my own licence so that’s not a problem.

PM if you think you can help ;)


Hi ;; Last year I’ve been travelling a lot too , I know it is quit difficult to get some shelter sometimes …if you go to spain there are a lot of squats in granada etc…couchsurfing is also an option
Going to demark in a while …travelling and tracking …yeah

Oh yeah it’s cool ;) About the squatts… I’ve heard that these are really full at the moment…
I have done some couchsurfing too already, but now it’s about finnishing my track before the deadline reaches :(
I need a place and machine for that.

I still need help… Anyone out there?

Well If any of the rumours are true . Bogdan raczynski ’ produced most of his samurai math beats while being homeless in tokyo . :ph34r: