Can Anyone Bring Back Key Guide In Instrument Settings?

I used to find the transpose interface so useful as many of the samples I have made for myself are all labelled with what note they are. Is there any possibility that someone with scripting knowledge can bring back the note guide interface in the instrument settings?

Maybe so it just adds the note information next to the transpose settings?

Finding it hard to explain efficiently in this sleepy state but i’m sure anyone who’s used slightly older Renoise releases will recognise what I mean.

I didn’t think i’d miss it … but I do…

The base-note of a plugin is relatively unknown, hence there is no value.
With a tool, the transpose function can be duplicated and a fixed base-note can be put beside it. (C, C#, D, D#) but not really the octave because the base-octave can be off by 2 depending on what the plugin developer considered the proper standard to define a certain midi-note value as a C-4 or depending on the amount of notes that they can support.

You’re talking about Samples yet taken a screenshot of the Plugins Instrument Settings. Probably because you’ve taken it on a non-existent Instrument.

Although, in the Sample Settings tab, it is also now in Semitones and not done by note.

But rather, what I would suggest you do, is set the Basenote in the Keyzones editor.

Yes, post that screenshot in a rush, i had no idea you could assign basenote in sample keyzones! thanks!