Can anyone identify this break?

It’s one of my favorite breaks ever and… I don’t think I’ve ever come across it in its raw form.



I know nothing about “cool music”, but isn’t that a high pitched amen with some grit on it?

I wouldn’t say it’s the amen break, not at all! The bassdrum is way open swinging (yeah, it sounds pitched up in the first tune), the rides and hats sound very crispy (amen break is rather aggressive sharp sounding with very hf damped, not crisp), the there’s some (vocal?) reverb trail going on in one bass/ride hit with a fancy effect to it. The artifact might help spotting that break. Also there seems to be a tomtom fill that might origin from the same break?

I think this is a coolie, I’d like to have it too. Good for wild&jazzy stuff, not for simple rhythms. First I though it might be layered up stuff from different sources, but the second tune seems to sport exactly the same break. The trail in that one hit points really sharp to it being a sampled cut up breakbeat, also.

Huh, in my breakbeat collection I think I have at least some similliar one or two, can’t find it now tho, too many breaks. But I think to remember that it’s snares were open, too, so it won’t be the same. The beauty in this one is the snappy snare in accomp with the open BD I think. Stuff like this is often found in jazz recordings, not so much in the usual funk or soul stuff where drums are tighter most of the time.

I’m fairly certain this is the “Tighten Up” break.

Pretty good sample can be found here:

I’m fairly certain this is the “Tighten Up” break.

Pretty good sample can be found here:

Holy crap. I feel like a damn idiot. I love the Tighten Up and have used it in various “breakstep” tunes before. Yeah, it’s it and it’s pitched up.

Except, it’s exactly what I INNITIALLY thought it was. It’s two breaks that are layered. Since I always felt the snares/fills/kick sound kinda disconnected from the cymbals in the background. And Equinox figured out what the second break was (where the cymbals come from), or he just straight up asked them and got their break. Cuz for years, it was only the Fracture & Neptune tune that had that combination.

Now I wanna know the second break. But I think I may just try my own hand at layering sounds.

That is the soul pride break, skip to 3.15 in this video;

Huh, you’re right, that does sound much closer.

Megathanks idem. This seems to fit just in, bassdrum is right and it features the ride/crash action from those 2 tunes! The “reverb trail” is some bd hit with the crowd cheering, and all the time I thought it would be (pitched up) reverb trail from a female singer’s action. It makes fancy effect, the first part of the snippet is just filled with cheeries. Very agitated break, great for wild action. In all the freebie bb collections there’s mostly only some short snippet of this or a similliar one from another version of that tune.

Live cuts, also from rock&roll people from the end 60s, can be a real nice source of unusual wild drumbreaks, when some stoned drummer decided to make a 2 minute drum solo etc…

The break is also used in Fanu’s Siren Song which I think is the best use of the break from all the tracks.

Squarepusher on it;

slow use;

Djeroek, that’s a different break.

nah, soul pride dude.

the break op was asking about in the first post, have you checked out the james brown youtube I posted above?

Besides using my unfailable ears :wink: there are sites that collect who sampled what, here are some entries for soul pride; as you can see both beepstreet & my posted digable planets are in there.

In the wicked fanu track a second, different ride heavy break is added around 2.17. Not sure which break that is.


and to end this discussion once and for all :wink: , there has been a q&a with fanu on the dogsonacid messageboard where coincidentally exactly the siren song and break used was discussed with him ( ;


7)i know you are working on Soulpride at the moment, and so am I. I cant find a decent cymbal besides the crash. do you make your own rides by messing with the amp envelopes on a crash or something?

answer fanu;

Looping + proper amp enveloping is a good way sometimes. Take the last crash of Soul Pride, loop it, amp env, there u go…
I finished my Soul Pride tune. Forthcoming on Inperspective, called Siren Song (premiered by ESB on Jungletrain this Friday btw).

Nuff said.

Yes I ckecked your videos, but you didn’t check the link I provided above. It’s the break that OP is looking for. It’s not Soul Pride really.

Dope break, but completely different, just listen to the timbre, frequency characteristics of the snares. Also did you miss the edit in my post above. Fanu tells you the break he used in the Siren Song is soul pride!

Dope break, but completely different, just listen to the timbre, frequency characteristics of the snares. Also did you miss the edit in my post above. Fanu tells you the break he used in the Siren Song is soul pride!

If you actually took your time to listen to Siren Song past the 2:18 mark you would know that Soul Pride was only the intro break, and OPs break sets in after that.

Now please stop posting, you are annoying.

lol, and where is the cold sweat break in the original poster’s youtubes from the first post?

easy identify it being used: in idem’s snipped, what seems like a drum interlude between 2 songs, go to 7.5-8.0 seconds in. Yep, the BD+Crash hit with some crowd/female yelling in the background. Now listen to the first 2 YT videos in this thread deeper in, where this hit is used prominently along otherwise clean action. Seems like it’s about 2 st or the like pitched up in both videos.

A Very versatile break snippet all over. Nice ringing bassdrum, lots of different action, wild and calm from the same set, rides and crash action also in along similliar action with just hats, and at the end a different groove from the same set seemingly belonging to the beginning of another tune. Also you get action with cheers and people talking, and very similliar passages without such, enabling you to choose where you’d like “eek” artifacts in your tune and where to sport “clean” hits. I’ll try to make a tune out of it, I like it very much, good material.

err my bad, based on the cold sweat description of the sendspace link I suspected another break. This live ‘version’ is indeed layered in the op’s youtubes!

This live ‘version’ is indeed layered in the op’s youtubes!

It’s not layered. It is the only break that was used in those songs in its full essence.

Besides using my unfailable ears