Can Googledocs Be Used To Share Renoise Song Xml Between Two Dudes Col

Hi, I’m easily confused so I’ll just ask this:
Can GoogleDocs be used to share a Renoise song XML between two dudes who are collaborating? Or what kind of sharing process would you recommend? Dropbox seems to be one way (from me to him), but…?
What would work? (Please don’t say DCC or “Just send the version to him on Skype”, far too limiting)

RRRight. Dropbox is the solution once a folder is shared between person x & y. Question answered.
Now if only there was a “reload” feature in Renoise ;)

Yeah Dropbox is really THE solution to work on any kind of project with multiple people. Wonder why Google hasn’t made a similar system yet, there’s plenty of unused space on my Gmail-account…

Yeah, one would think that GoogleDocs could easily do XML

what is meant by “do XML”?

does GoogleDocs “do” XML? and “Can Googledocs Be Used To Share Renoise Song Xml Between Two Dudes”?

…I think, although could be wrong here… but…

first of all, an XRNS module is a zipped XML file…
the xrnis also use XML, and contents of the clipboard of items copied within renoise are also XML…

Does google docs host .xrns files? YES!
does google docs host XML files? YES!
does google docs host text files? (which is what XML is?) YES!

I hope this is in the ballpark of answering the question!

Tthere are backup tools that make use of your Gmail space to store and retreive files.
But that isn’t as good as having stuff that is publically sharable.

drop it inna de box.

Seems to be a lot of misinformation/confusion here…

As long as you untick “Convert documents, presentations, yadayada to the corresponding Google Docs formats” you can pretty much upload anything*

You can share items either publicly ie Everyone or limit by email address (and there are other options). Best thing to do is to have a trial run with a very simple .xrns until
you get the settings right

*NB: you cannot upload executables (.exe, .com, etc or even zip executables (or even double-zip executables) but that should not be an issue here…but is a big issue for programmmers :ph34r:

create a subversion repository, git hub whatever. it is nice idea for the lua plugin, i think - support for commit - checkout - comparing two songs - showing what changed in xml, and maybe even with simply visualisation ;)