Can I add a pitch bend command manually to a track?

I wonder how I can add a pitchbend command “M1 XXXX” to a track where no pitch was recorded before? I tried to add a M1 and a 4000 to the last column, but it takes “4000” as “disable fx” command. Thanks for tips.

It needs the Instrument Number always.

4809 ref-command-midi-M1.png

(Btw, please post such general things to a proper forum, such as beginners questions.)

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It needs the Instrument Number always.

4809 ref-command-midi-M1.png

Perhaps not overkill to add that the instrument number for which the midi command has to be applied always must be inserted into the last note-column next to the first effect column as only the instrument number in the last note column triggers the midi commands. In his screenshot this fact is not obvious.

No biggie, moved the topic to the proper section.

Hey satobox and vV,

thanks for help. I think I still did not get it :) Sorry. (Would be so helpful if you could see in status, what column you are currently on with the cursor)

Here is an example:
Attachment 4811 not found.

You can see that I added the instrument number, but it still is recognized as “disable fx”. Where to put values in this example? Thanks.

EDIT: Aaah I got it. It has to be written in the pan column! What purpose is M1 in volume column?

Yes sorry, also adds to the complexity… imho vol or pan column should actually not matter, but currently pan column is the exact requirement along with the rest.

Can someone please show an example of how to have both midi pitch bend as well as effect modulation at the same time?

I just tried to do that and it erased my pitch bend.

Pro tips?

Depending on what your modulation does, you can map the modulation controller to the midi control device which in turn you can connect to the CC message that has to be send to the instrument that you want the modulation CC send to.

This way you can record your modulation wheel through automation and your pitch through effect columns.