Can I Change The Length Of Each Section?

Hi guys! Newbie here (well as far as trackers go)
Just getting into Renoise and loving it.
First Q? Is there a way to make the grid smaller, say 32 instead of 64.
I know there will be but a punch in the right direction would be great.

I think what you’re after is explained quite well in the animation on this page:

New here too, it’s nice, non?

ooooh! So easy when you know how.
Thanks mate

I don’t think this function is badly placed, but after seeing countless people seaching for it, it makes me wonder…

but as Fluide says “so easy when you know how”. this is also of very high value

It’s probably just too well placed. :ph34r:
I bet there are lots of things like that, and in three months I’ll be laughing at myself for not finding them/not being aware of the possibilities.

Glad to help, hoping for goodwill when i get stuck.