Can i change the value a midi button sends?


Just wondering if Renoise allows me to specify the value of a button?

Say a button on my midi controller sends midi cc 45… can i make that button send an ON value of 63 rather than 127 through Renoise?

Thanks in advance

Renoise can’t “magically” make the MIDI controller output a different value than it was built to.

With a bit of luck, the values are adjustable - either on the controller itself, or via some accompanying editor software that you use on your desktop PC and then transfer, e.g. via sysex dumps.

But, once the value arrives in Renoise you can choose how it should be interpreted.

Enter xRules, which allows you to transform incoming MIDI then, pass it on to Renoise (where it can then be mapped to parameters, etc. in the usual way)

The only thing you can’t do with xRules is to pass the MIDI on to other tools that also read incoming MIDI directly from the controller. This includes the Duplex tool, but is otherwise not a very common thing to do.

Yeah unfortunately it’s not possible from the controller or its software :confused:

Thanks for the link to your tool. i will have a look at this when i get some time :slight_smile: