Can I Close Massive & Reaktor & Work Only With Renoise?

i’m working with Renoise 2.5 full version from 3 months.
Excuse my English but i normaly speak italian. :blink:

i have this problem,

WIth Ableton Live i can rec notes from Massive or Reaktor synth & after work on the project only with Live open, without open Massive o Reaktor.
I think that is also possible on Renoise but i m not sure. How do it?

tthank you very much for reply

if I understood what you mean, the Plugin grabber is what you need to automatically record notes from plugins and save them as Renoise instruments.

PS: sono italiano anche io, quindi puoi chiedere anche in italiano

I think he means just to close the prog so it’s not there visually.

In which case yes , just close the vst window after choosing/making your preset and contiunue playing / entering
notes .

now i know the right method to use a plug-in without use the IAC and the render plug-in to sample work good.