Can I Get Some Feedback...


I haven’t shared too much of my work with the world yet. I like to keep it to the inner circle of my friends. :)

Well. I have never worked that much with a melodie. That’s just something I don’t get the hang on.

This tune is a start on something.

Please be completly honest. I wont take offence…

Finished track is uploaded:…disko_break.mp3

Alright, writing as i listen…

Really sweet 80s style feel!

Love the synths!

The voice is nice hehe, this sounds very professional!

Wow, just damn.

Did you do any mastering prior to the upload?

Great stuff!!!

Sorry I didn’t give you any technical advice :P

Will definitaly give this 80% or 90%

This is good, the main composition is very nice and its a nice disco tune!

I would give it 70% but with some adjustments it could go up!

The main melody needs to be fatter.
I think you should play it as a power chord. That is you
double each note and play them also one octave lower.

You could also try doing something, like adding a filter or some kind of flanger/phaser to this lower octave version of the melody.

But I would use this to build it up and introduce the fattening the second time you play the melody. 50 seconds into the song or later.

The bass is abit flat like its right now.

Try adding one or two subtle inbetween notes to make it more funky. Don’t over do these notes though.
And you could also try to have some different note offs. It sounds like all bass notes are played the same amout of time.

Did’nt do any mastering. Just rendered to wav

I have now added the power chord as I understood it. It sounds fatter on the second introduction now. I have changed the delay effect and added phaser to it, and it really did the trick. :D

I have also given tha bass a makover. Funked it up a notch. Alltho I still feel it needs something.

Thanks allot for those helpful advices splajn. It’s this kind of feedback that makes ppl wanna continue their work.
I will finish this track and release it. Some time :rolleyes:

This track is awesome.

this is bliss!

the opening bassline is golden, makes you wanna dance right away. the drums are standard, but thats what makes them fit so well in this track. lovely choice of oldskool samples, specially the snare (which i on first listen did not like, but it just grew on me).

the synth lead/riffs are reminiscant of the axel f track, but original enuff in its own way too avoid making unfair comparisons. the sweeping pads in the background makes all the difference in the world in this as well… it sounds so amazing.

well, only thing i really dont like about this… is that it is way too short :)

keep us updated!


After all the great praise this has got I thought I should have a listen.

I must be from a different planet, its very well put together etc etc but it is really *$£%ing horrible.

Sorry not my cup of tea even slightly

Hang on I’m just gonna give it one more try seeing as its only short and try and be objective as that is the least I would expect from someone listening to mine

I don’t get it still…its nice and crisp etc I hate the bass its too farty, the melody is a bit too loud I think, the panning bits are cool, the sort of backwards clap/snare is nicely done, there you go.

Perhaps I should remix this! (see posts below)

I’ll keep you updated

I had 1 hour after work to make some adjustments. Nothing new, just the stuff splajn commented. I hope to make it longer, less repetitive and finish it up tonite. The file on the server is updated with the changes I did last night.

Changed bass a bit, changed drums a bit, added power chord (which I never knew what was until now) ;)

nice tune… kinda unfinished feel though. lacks a little lower end frequencies and the snare is a tad loud. i don’t know, maybe it’s just me hehe.

did you do that ‘groovy’ vocoded voice on your own? nice touch.

keep it up!

i dig the synth structure and the concept alot. the only criticism i have (and it’s personal prefs.) is that i’d program some fills into the drum part, maybe at some of the places where the synth part shifts you could do some off-time or triplet fills into the first note.

i like it, it sort of reminds me of herbie hancock.

No. the ‘groovy’ voice I had in my folder of ‘own samples’ don’t really remember where I sampled it from right now. But recon it was a track by norwegian ‘Ugress’ - It is’nt originally vocoded tho. I play it both vocoded and clean with some EQ

The song has been updated. I want to add some vocals. I need a title. And any suggestions of changes is appreciated. It’s 3:41 now. Maybe a little repetitive still.

it’s from “Evil Dead 2” movie, iirc.