Can I modify a volume env using pattern effect commands?

Sorry if this is obvious but is there some pattern effect magic I can use to enable/disable the volume envelope for a sliced sample instrument and/or scale it’s overall length?


The instrument envelopes are currently not modify-able by pattern commands.
You could either apply a volume automation on the instrument and affect that, or using a Keytracker controlling an LFO device (which controls the track volume with a one-shot or looped form) and let the keytracker device reset it at a specific point.

Ah, okay, I think the key tracker solution can work for me here. Thanks!

Tried out the key tracker method, it works very well, just have to remember to alter the offset on the line before the note you want to change the envelope on.
Set up another lfo to modulate the offset as an experiment… the mind boggles… i f*cking love Renoise :D
Thanks again vV!