Can I Set Up Intervals For Sliders?

I like to modulate my filters and other tings with lfos. I also like to use midi controller mod wheels, knobs, and faders, to do this. Is there a way, when I’m playing live, to be able to lock in certain intervals so I only hit the lfo frequencies i want, like 16 lpc 8 lpc, 6 lpc. 4 lpc, 2, 1.333, 1 ???

Thank you

Yeah, I think that is possible. You would take another LFO device, and create a custom envelope for it (point mode).
Then, set this this LFO device to control the speed of the other LFO, and it would use the values you have “programmed” into the custom envelope.

Edit: forgot to add that you should set the programmed envelope to a VERY slow speed (practically, standing still)

It might take some experimentation to get it right, but you can always save the LFO device preset so you can use it again.

dblue did a Native Monophonic Synth in Renoise which used a custom LFO envelope just as danoise says. in fact, check out this post by danoise in that same thread where he shares the XML for a Pentatonic scale envelope.

dblue mentions somewhere that he used a program he wrote to build an XML file out of values so he did not have to calculate everything by hand, but i don’t think he released that program anywhere on the forums. i could be wrong though. he might respond himself to tell you more.

hope this helps you and good luck with your project!

Same way people have used two LFOs to get exact numbers from Pattern Effects, rather than Automation, when syncing to line.

Not sure this is possible with MIDI. This is done by using a very slow Speed on the LFO which is setting the values and adjusting the Reset command. I don’t think Reset it assignable to MIDI… API? Have a feeling it might not be :(