Can I Start And Stop Renoise Via Midi?


I’ve recently begun using more than one computer with Renoise. Basically i have a computer running Windows 98SE for using a Korg OASYS PCI synthesizer card and a Creative AWE64 Gold. The other PC running Windows XP has an ESI Juli@ sound card, and i mostly use it to record my other hardware synthesizers, as well as record the digital output of the first PC.

The two machines are hooked up with MIDI.

What i’m wondering is if i can trigger Renoise on the Windows 98SE box from my other PC. I know i can synchronize the tempo, but can i start and stop patterns on the slave PC, and if so - how?

As I have understood:
Renoise Can sent those instructions (MMC)
but can not receive them.

I thought it was the other way around- I thought people were using progs like cubase or live to controll renoise (meaning it would except mmc), but alot of host wouldn’t except mmc, so they couldn’t control them from renoise……7a992c71d2d500c

Louis is right.
It is like that.
I did a little testing over here, stated in renoise that it must be slave and set the midi clock slave settings to the corresponding device.

I can now turn the tempo and Renoise will ajust to it (amazing)
but did not manage to give it Start and stops on mij MMC buttons.

so that would be my next question…

start an stop does work, i have an uf5 keyboard controller it has a transport on it. an the types of messages it sends to renoise lets it control start stop an bpm.

so it can be done, i wish i could tell you how it is, but im actually confused on how it is!
that reason is because, i tried doing this same thing with my behringer bcf2000 an it would not.

i could however figure out what the messages where being sent an post them, then maybe you could fashion a control to send those types of messages.

i remember being confused about why the types of messages were doing what they were doing tho.


well the messages dont ‘seem’ to help much, i set renoise up as a slave to the Uf5 in midiclock slave settings, then highlighted the slave button.
all the messages is producing is ‘start’, ‘stop’, an clock timing info.
if this is right then it would entail just a message of ‘start’ for it to start an the same with stop.
i think maybe the reason why i wasnt getting anything from my bcf is possibly because it was sending ‘Play’ instead of ‘Start’?
i’m going to have to hook it up an see…

anyway maybe looking at the messages this same way with a midi message util, will help you find your answer. goodluck B)