Can I trigger Instrument volume envelope somehow?

Hello Guys. Wanted to simulate side chain action, playing with the volume envelope in modulation/volume/envelope so that every time I want to lower the bass to make room for the kick I just type a command next to kick, I see a post here from 07 talking about this but I cant google up any solution, any tips or workaround to do this

Hi there… You can use an FX chain on the kick track:

KeyTracker → LFO → Hydra

The keytracker reset the LFO.
Use a custom LFO envelope and set it to “one shot”.
Then either use the destination of the LFO to sidechain or add an Hydra device so you can use multiple places to sidechain.

That’s the method I used to use and it works alright but eventually I bought Duck from Devious Machines to keep things easy and quick, there’s also Kickstart 2 and some others.


Awesome, Thanks , Hydra will be a big step up to the manuel method drawing in the volume on the track. Kickstart looks pretty cool.

you can also send a signal follower on the kick track to duck a gainer on the bass track to simulated side chaining. I tend to like this sound a bit better than using the sidechain device on a compressor for pump… you may need to dial in the sensitivity, attack, and release on the signal follower to get it to behave how you like.

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Great tip, I got it working pretty fast and I like the feeling it gives the “envelope” of my other sounds. Thanks.

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