Can i turn knobs or slider during recording? Like Ableton..

Hi to all ,

I used Ableton for years now , but i wanted to give renoise a try…

I’ve tried to record an acid track using ABL2 (Audiorealism) and the pattern was recorded normally

live , but when i move the knobs , nothing happens! In ableton if you move the sliders or knobs

during recording they are recorded live , i did not find it in renoise… !!!

Thanks in advance…


heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! :panic:

Please , someone help meeeee… i’m going nuts !!! thanks!!

Beginner’s video number 3

or and

Thanks meef for the reply…

i have watched the video , but he don’t touch any knobs or slider to automate it!!

It is a lot more complicated compared to ableton… can you explain me in simple words how to achieve it ??

Thanks a lot…!!

  1. Insert VSTi plugin…
  2. insert Instr. automation device
  3. Select parameters you wanna modulate
  4. Assign MIDI to these sliders
  5. press record, turn Track follow ON, be in pattern editor view mode and press spaceboard, everything will be recorded.
  6. You can select if you wanna to have automation recorded into pattern editor or modulation editor also (check manual for more possibilities)
  1. Assign MIDI to these sliders

Or (if not using MIDI) skip the final steps and simplystart dragging the sliders with the right mouse button

You can always record any automateable parameter in Renoise by right-dragging the slider - as Akiz points out, the automation is either recorded into the pattern as effect commands or as graphical automation (envelopes). Look for the little icon next to the slider, it will either show a little envelope or some dots…

If the plugin has a gazillion parameters (as they often do), you can use a tool like this to assist you. Renoise does not have a way to record directly from the plugin UI.

thanks to all… finally i got it … it’s a bit “complicated” :slight_smile:

If you want to listen to results check out :

Kindest Regards to all…