Can I Unlink Stereo Pairs?

I officially got my renoise license for Christmas, and I having been having a blast today. Here is my first question. Now that I can use ASIO drivers, I switched over to using my MOTU828mkii for the audio interface. When I click on the output section of the mixer, I can switch my outs to pairs of audio outs (ie. analog 1-2, analog 3-4…). Is there any way to unlink the stereo channels so I can get 8 mono audio outs instead of 4 pairs of stereo outs? I figured out a workaround by hard panning alternating L/R in the mixer view, but is there a way to simply unlink pairs? My other DAWS are eXT 1.4 and Tracktion2, so I am used to doing it this way.

I freaking love how this program gets me to use my ears more than my eyes. Thanks!

Renoise tracks are stereo (they have panning and width parameters), so there is no immediate way to assign them to a mono output.

your workaround is of course fine, but as far as I remember, you’re the first one asking for such a feature, that’s why noone ever thought to implement something like this.

inputs (for recording) are different, because for them you can use either mono or stereo.

I would like that also, some samples sounds better in mono so it would be nice if one could make it so inside Renoise and also save some outs on the sound card.

I use monomaker for fast converting samples in a track.

have you tried using Renoise’s built-in DSP called “stereo expander”? If you set the “expand” parameter to the minimum, it should turn the sound into mono.

If a sample is believed to sound better in mono it can be converted to mono in sample editor also. Use F11 in sample editor: Change basic sample properties.

My goal with this routing was to have more control of having my kick selectively duck other tracks. I routed 8 channels out of my MOTU into my Mackie 1202 board. My compressor is an RNC. I connected my kick track to the sidechain of the compressor, and I used the ALT-3-4 bus out to bus the desired signals to the compressor. That way I can control which tracks go to the compressor by hitting the MUTE/ALT-3-4 button on each channel, or I can remove all compression by hitting the bypass switch on the RNC. I was kinda going for the off and on pumping sidechain compression like in Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock.” But I guess the “guitar” sound is what periodically ducks the others in that song.

You can always try to dub the x+y-in stream, across two channels then use senddevices to send either right or left of that track (you just pan fully to the right on the master mixer before the senddevice streams it to the channel) then on the channel you use the stereoexpander to monaurise the signal (and add any other desired effect behind it).
Just to this on both tracks and you have your stereo signal splitted an monaurised.