Can I Use Renoise As A Vst?

Hi there,

Can I use renoise as a third party in fl studio? I have searched, but found no answer to this quesion? Is it even possible?



Thx & damn it

Renoise VST is planned, tho, so don’t give your hopes just yet :D

Check out reViSiT:

its a tracker in vst plugin format

Yeah a vst plugin format would be very cool. Maybe in the meantime though they could work on adding the rewire protocol. I’ve never used it, but it seems to be becoming a standard feature for most hosts.


“planned” is a bit misleading, as it would mean we have a plan about it. let’s say it is in the “to-do” list.

No, but you can actually do the opposite! Run FL Studio in Renoise, it’s fun :D

That would be nice addition, since I could plug it into the system of my real studio. By real I mean, you know, Cubase, Meckies, bla-bla.

I worked like that for more than a year. Created a song in the middle of the night in acid or reason and then took it to the studio for crunch via rewire, since my room is acoustic as Scania truck. :P